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    Why your business needs to hire an ORM company in India?

    Are you losing customers due to the negative publicity of your brand?

    Maintaining your reputation online is vital as buying preferences of the customers depend largely on the search results. Anyone can give a feedback, positive or negative and this will affect your business in reality. Online brand management companies in Delhi can help you to:

    Having the trust of your customers is the key component of success. With ORM services you can recover quickly from any negative publicity and regain the trust of your target audience.

    Many people research for services and products online before making the final purchase. Positive reviews or comments about a company can turn them into your customers and review management services can help you to reach them.

    Speculations, gossips or rumors may destroy great names and businesses may lose the confidence in the market. Reputation consultants can help you to remove the issues before they go out to the public.

    Bad reviews or experiences from unhappy customers can affect your business and it is important that the negative search result is pushed down by positive ones. Internet reputation management can help you with this.

    Our online reputation Management services in Delhi, NCR

    A spotless online reputation often means more conversions for your business!
    Digital Web Traffic offers a wide range of internet reputation management services to clients from different industry verticals and assists them to improve their online presence by cleaning up search results from any negative reviews or content and protecting the image against any type of online slander and professional competition.

    • ORM strategy development

      Initially we perform a comprehensive analysis of all your chosen keywords and the online presence of your brand. It is by using this information that we build and customize an online reputation management strategy that best suits your business. A well-developed strategy can offer you new business opportunities and insights on increasing brand awareness.

    • Protect and repair online reputation

      With our online brand management services, you can opt for repair, promote, monitor and protection of your brand image. Our expert ORM consultants find effective solutions to control your internet reputation and presence on the web. Protecting your image on time from negative effects can help you to retain your customers whose overall decision may get affected due to the presence of negative stuff online.

    • Social media development

      Social media plays a strong role in managing your brand reputation and it is a great platform where customers and business owners can connect and engage. At Digital Web Traffic, our online reputation consultants work to boost your company’s social presence by creating new and effective profiles and by enhancing your existing social media assets.

    • Create and optimize content

      Our content experts start their work by developing blogs, articles that are centered on the chosen keyword phrase. Not only this, they optimize the content as per the needs and strategically place or post each new asset on various authoritative platforms or sites throughout the web. Our expertise and hard core effort help to improve the content existence and build a business fame.

    • Mitigate the effects of negative content

      When it comes to branding your business online, nothing can be more frustrating than dealing with negative elements on the search results. Our consultants can help you to fill the first three pages of Google SERP with positive content about your business to reduce the effects of negative materials like consumer complains, defamatory materials and etc. and thereby build credibility for your business.

    • Monitoring and reporting

      We conduct continuous monitoring of your online reputation campaign and analyze the performance. Based on the analysis, we create reports so that we can understand the true cause of any negative ratings and improve them by making corrections instantly. We also answer to various queries or customer grudges if any, to smoothen up the relationship.

    Why Is ORM Mandatory And Not Something Optional?

    Leading brands have always listened and understood the demands and unsolved queries of the consumers. Positive marketing or reputation management techniques have always helped to keep the brands remain ahead of the competitors and reach the potential customers and markets. Some industry statistics will help in better understanding:

    • More than 80% shoppers use the internet for research before shopping
    • 90% of the customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews
    • 85% customers believe that the CEO’s reputation is crucial for a business brand
    • 88% organizations will lose business opportunities if they have negative publicity and scams
    orm advantages

    What Is The Difference Between SEO And ORM?

    • SEO is Search Engine Optimization that drives awareness of any brand or product at a very early stage whereas ORM works at the bottom of the sales and helps buyers in taking a decision.
    • SEO is primarily concerned with attracting traffic to the company’s website, while ORM helps to manage and control content online and push down negative content in the SERP.
    • ORM mainly focuses on brand perception and involves in improving star ratings on review sites, but SEO is a component of ORM.

    Why Choose ORM services from Digital Web Traffic?

    Digital Web Traffic has excelled as one of the top online reputation management companies in India. We can offer you customized ORM solutions that can provide you with negative result removal and restore your online reputation back.

    Experienced ORM consultants

    Our ORM professionals have years of experience and have worked with diverse client profiles and industry verticals. With us, you are in safe hands.

    Guaranteed results within timeframe

    We offer 100% satisfaction to our valuable clients and work hard on our commitment to attain the desired results within the stipulated time frame.

    Customized solutions

    We understand that every business is different and so are their needs. We offer tailor made ORM solutions based on the needs of the clients.

    Affordable and flexible services

    All our service rates are affordable and in-line with the market standards. Our highly proficient ORM consultants offer the best remedies for all kinds of situations.

    Quick results

    We don’t waste time as it only leads to negative publicity. As a top reputation management agency, we deliver fast results so that you can have peace of mind.

    Transparency and confidentiality

    We maintain complete transparency in our processes and also maintain confidentiality of your business information for privacy.

    Continuous monitoring

    Our ORM professionals continuously monitor your results and ensure that you have a clean and positive online image all the time.

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    Our comprehensive ORM strategy that we follow:

    A brand name and goodwill is earned only after years of hard work. But losing it might just take minutes in the online. Protecting your brand image is important as it can lead to negative impact on your online credibility and damage your consumer base. Our strategy encompasses the following steps:

    • Survey and analysis
    • Strategic campaign planning
    • Content creating and syndication
    • Optimize local listing
    • Boost social media exposure
    • Monitoring and reviewing

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Online reputation management ensures that your public image is positive, authentic and up-to-date. Here are some more questions with answers that you need to know.

    How long does it take for online reputation management solutions to work? Is it possible to completely remove all negative reviews visible online? Do I have to use social media to enhance my online reputation?
    Will you offer me a customized ORM solution to meet my exact needs? What are your charges for online reputation repair? Once my negative contents are no more visible online, should I continue with ORM services?

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