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    Digital Web Traffic is a reliable SEO agency in India, that has successfully delivered various SEO project to clients from varied industry verticals located all over the globe. We are active partners and associates offering SEO services to clients in USA, the U.K. Australia, Saudi Arab, Canada

    We are trusted by one and all because of your intense expertise in this field and immense capability to strategize an appropriate plan that meet specific business needs. Our professional SEO services in Delhi, NCR focus on proven SEO techniques that drive maximum leads and revenues. We help brands optimize their website performance using best Google practices that generate only long term results.

    What is SEO?

    Search Engine Optimization is the collective steps taken to increase the quality and quantity of the traffic to your website through organic search engine results. There are some important factors that can affect the search visibility of your site. The factors are:

    On page SEO
    Meta description

    It is creating a comprehensive and well optimized snippet that summarizes the page’s content to help in gaining a higher ranking and more clicks.

    Header tags

    The H1 tagging is vital because it reflects what your specific page is all about.

    Image optimization

    images account for a significant amount of visual space and optimizing then yields high performance improvements for the site.

    Keyword strategy

    Targeted keywords and phrases are selected by our experts and placed in the content in the right ratio so that Google’s algorithms can easily find the pages.

    Canonical URL

    An important part of on page factor and it helps the site to prevent any duplicate content issues.

    Interactive content and optimization

    Content always has to be fresh, relevant and interactive. It should convey the right information to the visitors and drive organic traffic.

    Internal linking

    These are links that go from one page on a domain to a different web page on the same domain to allow the search engines crawl well.


    Name, Address and Phone number is what it stands for and it is a crucial on page SEO factor that helps to attain better rankings in local search results.

    Site architecture

    Creating an easy to understand site architecture for the search engines is important, which can be done through interlinking of home pages and logical paths.


    Create a well optimized user interface responsive design that makes it possible to open the site in all devices and browsers.

    Schema Markup

    The schema markup helps the crawlers of the search engines to identify the specific services and products that your website offers.

    Crawling and indexing

    The technique helps the Google bots to look deeply into a website and allows them to crawl and index it.

    Load time

    Ensure that your website loads faster as it creates a great impact on the rankings of Google and also delivers the best user experience.

    Mobile optimization

    Responsive designs allow the visitors to access the site from any mobile devices so that you can remain competitive and don’t miss on any business opportunity.

    Broken links

    A through web analysis would help to find any broken links that include both internal and external and fixing them.

    Local listing

    Our local SEO services in Delhi, NCR help to create a profile consisting of the name, address, phone number and other credentials related to your business


    This consists of all the URLS of the site as it helps the search engines to easily find the web pages and crawl them.

    Local directory

    These sites help to drive more local traffic and engage the potential visitors with products and services.

    Content circulation

    Regular posting of informative blogs, articles, PDF and PRs will keep your visitors well informed and engaged and even drive more and more traffic.

    E-book submission

    This consists of the creation of unique content, which can help to fetch quality backlinks thereby increasing more traffic on the site.

    Local listing

    Our local SEO services in Delhi, NCR help to create a profile consisting of the name, address, phone number and other credentials related to your business.

    Social sharing

    Displaying social sharing buttons on certain pages or blog posts often benefits SEO by driving relevant traffic to the website.

    Viral content

    These contain infographics, videos that are preferred by the audience and also allows them to share it on the social networking sites.

    Analyze broken links

    The technique allows to find all broken links that include both internal and external and put efforts to fix them.

    Question/ Answer

    Using forum posts to answer queries is a popular means to increase the ranking of the site and also gain more visibility before the audience.

    As a SEO firm in India, we offer Organic SEO Services

    Our innovative SEO techniques can combine with proven strategies to deliver highly measurable search engine results.

    process img

    Website Audit And Optimization

    Our SEO consultants analyze your site structure and other key elements and help to optimize the site’s performance.

    local seo

    Local SEO

    It is an effective means to market your products or services to the local customers. Our local SEO services in Delhi, NCR ensure that your site ranks at the top SERP in the local community.

    ecommerce seo

    Ecommerce SEO

    Consistent and high quality traffic are what you need for your ecommerce site. We help you to create a brand visibility across this crowded sector and convert potential visitors to clients.

    mobile seo

    Mobile SEO

    Target a wider audience base by making your site smartphone friendly and gain significant advantage over your competitors.

    multilingual seo

    Multilingual SEO

    Whether it is English, Hindi or any other language, our SEO professionals can develop a multilingual SEO strategy so that the chosen keywords rank and drive traffic to the specific version of the site.

    link removal

    Link Removal

    In case your website is penalized by Google due to bad quality links, then our SEO experts can help to remove the bad links and regain your ranking in Google SERP.

    Our SEO Process and Approach

    Remove all roadblocks to the SERP and allow your website to keep abreast of current trends


    Research and Market Analysis

    Analyze search terms and do a thorough competitive analysis

    We initially identify the keywords that your website can realistically target and that your competitors and visitors are using. Since keywords play a pivotal role in enhancing online presence, we choose the right keyword for best results. A thorough market analysis helps us to understand the competition and work accordingly.

    • Understanding the business model
    • Chose specific keywords for target
    • Completing a competitor’s analysis

    Website Audit and Strategy

    Check the site’s health and plan effective strategies

    A website audit helps to understand exactly where you stand. Our experts conduct an audit of your site to understand its structure and objective and based on the reports we plan a complete, effective and customized strategy that works best for your site. Our strategy helps to make the targets more specific, measurable, relevant and achievable.

    • Site performance analysis
    • Site architecture analysis
    • Building the right strategy

    On-Page Implementation

    Optimize website pages, content, title etc.

    On-page factors can have a great impact on your ranking and so we lay great importance on the quality of on page implementation to provide peak performance for your site and visibility for your chosen audience. With proper on page optimization for your site, you can not only rank well in the search engines but can also increase the overall readability of the site for your visitors.

    • Meta tags optimization
    • Title optimization
    • HTLM tags
    • Keyword optimization and synonyms

    Link Building

    Build quality links to attain authority

    Establishing links are like generating votes for your website. We help you to identify broken or dead links and update the link to point to a piece of your content that is a perfect fit. Gaining links from authoritative sites helps to gain trust of visitors. Google counts links as votes and it is the first search engine to heavily rely on the link analysis to improve relevancy.

    • Link quality
    • Number of links
    • Link text/ anchor text

    Reporting and Analysis

    Measure and report results

    We understand that if you can measure it, you can improve it. Our SEO reporting and analysis help to discover which sections are performing well and which needs improvements. We examine the competitive strategies and track not only the overall traffic from organic searches but also evaluate the business performance of pages that are based on ranking and estimated keyword volume. It acts as a fuel to build a more effective strategy for your website.

    • SEO reports
    • Traffic and conversion reports
    • Link building reports

    Re-optimizing wherever required

    Re-optimizing wherever required

    Once our SEO experts have the reports in hand, they make sure that even the low performing areas are well optimized and so implement specific techniques to work on those sections. If you can measure it, you can surely improve it for better results in future.

    • Gather insights from collected data<
    • Re-optimization
    • Goal completions

    SEO is not dead. It is just different and needs Expertise!

    Why your business needs Search Engine Optimization services

    seo benefits

    SEO may seem to you like an alchemy, but there is a science behind it. Search engines love to reward pages having the right combination of ranking factors or signals. Proper implementation of SEO techniques and strategies surely help in business growth. It helps you to promote your site to other authoritative sites and gain links, references from them, and cite you as an authority.

    Thus, with the right type of signals to the search engines you will gain more visibility, improve brand awareness, increase traffic and generate higher ROIs

    • Google generates 100 million searches per month, which is a huge customer base
    • More than 70% consumers gather information using search engines
    • 80% web users focus solely on organic results
    • SEO generates the highest conversion that occurs within an hour of initial web search<
    • More than 50% visitors click on the first link
    • Leads generated from search engines are 9 times more likely to close than other sources.
    • Your competitors are already implementing SEO, and so should you.

    Why Choose our SEO company in Delhi, NCR to make a difference?

    If Google loves you, your visitors will love you too!

    More than a decade of experience

    We have been market leaders in delivering SEO services to international companies located in India, USA, UK, Australia, UAE and etc.

    Skilled SEO team

    With a pool of skilled and certified SEO professionals, we are able to deliver the best results to project of different sizes.

    Only ethical SEO

    We have the right knowledge to drive your website to the top of the SERP only by using white hat techniques. We focus on attaining long term results.

    Complete transparency

    We keep a clear view of our work process and other documents and expect the same from our customers.

    SEO Engagement Models

    Our solutions support businesses of any shape and size and is ideal
    if you need a higher ranking and organic traffic.

    SEO consultation

    Our SEO consultants in Delhi, NCR give your website a strong competitive advantage in the major search engine result page by defining a custom need assessment and strategy for long term results.

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    SEO plans

    Our affordable SEO packages and plans are perfect to carefully craft pitches for your brand and help you get in front of people looking for what you offer.

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    Hire dedicated SEO resources

    You can easily hire them to expand your team or use their expertise to spearhead your SEO campaign and bring down your operational cost.

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    SEO reseller services

    The program will enable you to expand your client base as we toil in the background for your success. With us, you can now confidently add more numbers to your client’s list.

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    TRUST is King, Build it!

    Our efforts are not only to increase your website traffic, but also to build trust for Google:

    • Use best SEO optimization techniques
    • Work on the feedbacks and reviews of customers as per their expectations
    • Implement best solutions that increases website credibility

    What Our Clients Say

    Don’t just take our words, see what our customers say about us.

    • Our website, LFRA was out of date and was no longer meeting Google’s design specifications. We had a limited budget to move forward. Digital Web Traffica helped us with a concept design that was perfect for our target audience and the SEO team helped us gain a top ranking on the search engines. The result was that our order book was full two months in advance and our revenues increased.

      Heather UK
    • I am really happy that all the chosen keywords for my website are ranking high. I am glad that your SEO team has worked very hard to gain the ranking and handled the project professionally without wasting any time.

      James Australia
    • We are really very impressed with the quality of work delivered by your organization. Unlike other ORM companies, I found that your process was transparent, well planned and properly executed. The regular reports sent have always kept us updated about the work and even monitor the performance of the site. Keep up your good work!

      Robin Canada

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Our answers to common FAQs will help you to understand our SEO service offerings better

    Do I need any technical knowledge before I start with your SEO services? Once I attain a top rank, should I stop optimizing? How much does SEO services cost?
    How long does it take to generate results from SEO? Do we have to pay even if there are no results? What sort of SEO guarantee will you provide us?

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